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Below is the old school runescape world list, which includes the theme of the world beside it. This is an unnoficial list of theme worlds posted by Elf Carantir via the runescape forums.

[edit] Themed Worlds Index

Last updated: w14 w30

World 3 Activity
01 Trade
02 Trade
04 Fletching trades at Seers' Village
06 Trouble Brewing
14 Barbarian Assault (when enabled by Jagex)
18 Wildy PK
22 Duel Arena
30 House Party / Gilded Altar (if any)
33 Pest Control 1
34 Castle Wars " ..... High-alch on the wall
41 Law altar ess running *HOT* ..... (26 unnoted for laws+pure ess)
42 Role-Playing
44 Pest Control 2 *HOT* ..... Chats: Lip Locked,
44 Nature rune crafting (see Runes & Ammo market forum for ess running worlds)
50 Fight Pits "
58 Blast Furnace "
70 Fishing Trawler
77 Shades of Mort'ton / Rat Pits / group questing

" Note that some minigames are better played with trained accounts (cmb/quests) These w might not be fully running yet until larger group of such players is readied.


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