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Published By Mod Ash
Publish Updated 2013/03/14
Category category:news
Sub-Category category:officialnews


The first poll is now live. If you've got a skill total level of 100+ in OldScape, you can log in and vote now. See this page: http://services.runescape.com/m=poll/c=uSKtby5j8gw/oldschool/index.ws

We'll be developing the features that get 75% support in the poll. They may come out over a period of weeks, depending on how long they take to develop, so your patience is appreciated as always

We intend to keep running polls like this periodically, so if your request hasn't made it into this poll, keep posting and we'll consider it for a future poll. Please let us know your thoughts about the polling process too; for example, would you like future polls to have an "abstain" option?

Cheers, Mod Ash

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