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2007 RS Login

Welcome to

Welcome to, a community for the players by the players. This wiki site is dedicated to the Old School Runescape. This site contains information on 2007 Runescape Street Prices along with tutorials and guides that apply to this unique game.

Our goal is to have content specific for this 07 Runescape game along with up to date Street Prices. There is no Grand Exchange, check out our Marketplace for unbiased prices on the most popular goods found in Old School Runescape. The price guide is always being updated, contribute to help out the community and fellow players.

Keep on Scaping, 07Runescape Staff

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Official News

The below pages are news posts by Jagex related to official content release and change logs.

Devblog: Old School rs week 3 15 March 2013
Poll Number 1 14 March 2013
Update Barbarian Assault 13 March 2013
Game update 05/03 5 March 2013
Old School RuneScape: Poll Results In! 28 February 2013
… further results

Current Focus

  • To continue adding main in game items for all skills.
  • Keep the Marketplace prices up to date.

Quests, Skills and monsters will be secondary focus unless a community member can help fill out these sections.

We have temporarily disabled registration due to spam/bots avoiding the Captcha Setup. Please be patience with us as we rectify the issue.

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