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Publish Updated 2013/03/15
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With Barbarian Assault being patched back in to the game earlier this week, we would like to update you on the other work that’s going on at the moment..

Firstly, Death to the Dorgeshuun - the final quest that remains disabled - is in testing and should be available with the game update next week.

On to the content poll. As soon as it finishes we’ll look at the results and get started on the changes you’ve requested. For some features this might be a fairly quick job, but for others will take a bit longer. We’ll get these in to the game as soon as we can but don’t expect it to be the very next day after the poll closes! Bigger requests may not even come out before another poll opens, but don’t worry, we’ll add them in due course.

After this poll has finished, we envisage starting another poll in a week or two, with a new list of usability and/or content features from your discussions on the forums. We’ll also keep a close eye on the “rares” discussion in the official thread and see where that takes us.

We’re seeing a trend in discussions towards an abstain option adding unnecessary complication to the poll and we tend to agree. If you don’t feel strongly enough about an issue that is being voted on, we’d urge you to think about the wider community and what others might want, even if it doesn’t affect your day to day activities.

We also wanted to respond to a frequent request from the Feedback forum. Although resizable screen mode is a popular request, unfortunately this isn’t a feature we’re going to be able to implement any time soon, as it requires a near-full rewrite of the interface systems.

Next week, Mod Pips will be giving you an update on some of the wider aspects of Old School RuneScape, including our plans for protecting game integrity and tackling bots.

In the mean time if you’ve not already voted, head on over and have your say on the future of Old School RS here.


Mods Ash and Nexus Content Developers (Who were both around in 2007!)

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